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Activate all your core muscles in as little as 10 minutes with The Daily Core™


New, patented technology to maximize your performance.

After intensive research of training mechanics, incorporating proven methods of improving physical performance, The Daily Core™ was developed as a pioneer of all-round physical development. The Daily Core™ allows you to build overall strength and improve aerobic performance – with just one machine!

Get Fitter, Stronger and Healthier with The Daily Core™ 

The core of the body is the center of our daily activity and should support everything we do in as little as 10 minutes of the basic exercises, you’ll be able to engage, stimulate and activate all of your core muscles safely and efficiently. A stronger, better-developed core and a fitter body provide many benefits to improve your quality of life. With The Daily Core™, you can enjoy:

  • Improved physical coordination
  • Better Balance
  • Functional strength and endurance.

The human body is a machine in its own right, and all of our parts need to work together - with your core at the center!

Make yourself competitive™!

Unlock Your Athletic Potential

In many highly competitive sports improving your balance, coordination and core strength is a constant priority.

Get an edge by using The Daily Core™ to surpass your current limits and heighten your overall performance in sports such as golf, tennis, baseball, football and many more.

Stay in Shape

Being healthy and active can be a challenge to fit into an already busy life. Make yourself competitive™ and get the most out of the time you spend exercising by using our newest technology in exercise science. From strength and resistance training to improving your aerobic fitness, you can get it done quicker and safer than ever.

Improve Recovery

For all athletes and sports enthusiasts, recovery is an important aspect of progress.

Proper recovery is essential to achieving peak performance. As our overall fitness and strength improve, so does our ability to perform with higher frequency.

Safely Strengthen and Improve Posture

Many methods of increasing total body strength have risks attached and can cause harm to chronic pain issues. By engaging the core muscles we require for good posture in our everyday life, The Daily Core™ is able to improve our ability to move and be active every day in various fixed ranges of motion, providing safety alongside impressive abdominal development. 

Improve your Coaching

Add value to your coaching practice by introducing this new patented technology to the mix. Whether your clients are professional athletes looking to achieve specialized performance, or individuals aiming to achieve their health and fitness goals, The Daily Core™ is a strong step forward. With a variety of exercises at your chosen intensity, you can give your clients the best results from their time with you. 

Free Daily Exercise Guide to Make yourself competitive™

There are 12 basic exercises to perform on The Daily Core™ plus a strength and aerobic conditioning exercise. These exercises can be completed in as little as 10 minutes and will provide a complete core workout.

Order The Daily Core™ today and receive a free Daily Exercise Guide which includes the 12 basic exercises as well as a range of other exercises that you can choose from to create your own workout program tailored to your (or your clients’) specific goals!


Our Guarantee

We are so confident that The Daily Core™ will change your life for the better that we are now offering a one year Performance Guarantee. That's right, you can use The Daily Core™ for a full year and if you don't notice an improvement in at least one of the following: a fitter, more toned body, greater ability to do your daily tasks, or improvement in your sport of choice, send it back for a refund. Please read terms and conditions.

You'll be the judge! We strongly believe that purchasing and using The Daily Core™ will be one of the best decisions you've ever made and we stand behind it.


"Jeff's trainer is brilliant. Having worked with many competitive and non-competitive SUP-ers in my lab over the past 10 years, this is an excellent tool to achieve high-specificity training, especially when it comes to exercise testing for training and nutrition recommendations. Furthermore, as a coach too, development, and refinement of technique are the foundation for both performance and injury prevention, and it's difficult to truly focus on mechanics with other distractions while on the water during every session. The Daily Core™ makes it easier to truly focus on the fine points, which is why it's a great supplement to time spent on the water!"

- Tim Fleming, MSc.

Exercise Physiologist at Endurance Performance Training Center

"The Daily Core™ works the muscle groups I use when paddling which is extremely important when fixing imperfections in my stroke. It transfers the on water feel to off the water allowing me to engage in strong and powerful strokes.

It is by far the most specific piece of strength equipment on the market and unlike anything I've used before. I highly recommend trying and adding The Daily Core™ to your strength regimen."

- Michael Booth

4x SUP World Champion

"The Daily Core™ provides therapeutic benefits by utilizing trunk muscles and upper and lower extremities that provide a closed kinetic chain activity that reduces muscle loading and joint pressure on your extremities.

I would recommend the Daily Core™ system for core and abdominal strengthening, as well as balance and joint support for both the high performance athlete and for daily strength and aerobic conditioning."

- Dr. Diana Bubanja DPT

Doctor of Physical Therapy

Maximize your Daily Performance 

What goes into the daily practices and routines we do?

Our daily efforts are a manifestation of our will to achieve greatness, each completed workout bringing us a step closer to our peak performance.

Not all approaches to progress are created equal.

Perfect execution is usually achieved through consistent perfect practice.

Too often it seems we've hit the ceiling on our ability to improve.  Learn and practice the 12 basic exercises (just 10 -15 minutes a day) on The Daily Core™. Very soon you will likely notice that even without thinking, you'll start doing basic and complex tasks with improved form and mechanics. That's when you'll know you've broken through that ceiling.

The Daily Core™ is your breakthrough! 





Form and function…..these two concepts are interlinked and key to maximizing physical performance.  

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There are 12 basic exercises to perform on The Daily Core™ plus a strength and aerobic conditioning exercise

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