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There are 12 basic exercises to perform on The Daily Core™, plus a strength and aerobic conditioning exercise (A Stand Up Paddling Technique). These 12 exercises, once learned, can be completed in 10 minutes or less and will provide a complete core workout.

Each exercise has a starting and ending illustration, and bullet-point text to help make it easier to perform with correct form.
These illustrations are not drawn to scale and have been simplified to better
depict how to perform each exercise. Therefore, many elements have been omitted including the use of the safety belt to help you visualize and focus in on what you are aiming to accomplish. 

Please use the Safety Belt for all exercises which require you to stand on the Sliding Footplate.


Here are 2 examples of The Daily Core basic exercises:


Example Exercise 1: Standing Sit-ups


Above see figure 12

A "standing sit-up" activates the same muscles as a standard sit-up, but is less stressful on your body--especially your lower back. Regular sit-ups can be very hard on your back and cause unnecessary stress.

SPACER BAR SETTINGS: Rear at 7, Front at 37 -38 (note, after you become accustomed to this range of motion, you will not need to use the spacer bars)

- Right hand palm down on LEFT paddle shaft handle

- Left hand holds left paddle shaft below metal cylinder through which paddle shaft passes

- Feet shoulder width apart, can be parallel or with front of foot/toes slightly protruding outward

- Heals raised up slightly with weight on front of feet

- Low back can be flat (for those with decreased mobility and/or chronic back pain) or arched.

- Take a deep breath




Above See figure 13

- Breathe out as you contract/tighten your abdominal muscles (shaded in red) and glutes to pull yourself and the sliding footplate up the slant board toward the front spacer bar

- Your arms do not move and upper torso only moves minimally

- Heels/feet flatten out

- Head looks up slightly, knees straighten and pelvis rotates forward

- At the end of the sequence, relax and breathe in as you and the sliding footplate move back to the start position

- Repeat 8 -15 times (stop if any cramping or pain)

- Now grasp the right paddle shaft, change hand positions, and repeat 8 -15 times as above




Example Exercise 2: "Twister 1" Left External Obliques/Transverse Abdominal Muscle Exercise


         Above See Illustration figure 14

These often overlooked muscles are important for back support and the twisting capability necessary to excel in sports. Examples include golf, tennis, baseball, football, and water-sports such as surfing. As people age, they often develop low back pain and their sports abilities decline. Strengthening these muscles also creates the abdominal tone sought by many.

SPACER BAR SETTINGS: Rear at about 10, Front at about 38 (net movement forward of about 4 – 6)

- Stand sideways, facing the left side of The Daily Core

- Feet are positioned to the right of center as shown in the illustration and are parallel

- Right hand holds onto the right vertical bar with the forearm resting on the horizontal bar

- Left hand pinches the area of the left “love handle” just above the left hip bone

- Keep the right arm straight

- Focus on twisting the left side of your body to the right while activating the area you are pinching with your left hand

- You can rotate your left foot/leg (like a golfer would do on a drive shot) as shown in the diagram or you can keep your left leg/foot in place. The goal is to activate the muscle group you are pinching with your left hand





    Above see figure 15

    - Breathe out as you rotate to your right

    - Move up the slantboard about 4 – 6 inches on the sliding footplate

    - Relax, breathe out and allow yourself and the sliding footplate to return to the starting position

    - Repeat 8 – 15 times then move to the other side of The Daily Core, reposition yourself on the right side of The Daily Core, holding onto the left vertical front post with your left hand, etc, and then do the Twister 1 to activate your right External oblique and transverse abdominal muscles

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